Texturer offsets and scale

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    What kind of possibilities do I have to adjust the offset and scale of the bitmap/texture of a sprite?

    Let's say I have a big sprite for the ground of the game and even bigger bitmap as it's texture. Can I adjust the position of the bitmap and/or its scale within the sprite?

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    sorry, I don't understand . Could you please clarify your question?

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    do you mean you have TILESET? then you need to check examples/demo/ TestTiled

  • Sorry för being unclear. Suppose I have a big sprite for a large object that encapsule a bitmap like the following figure:
    The thick frame is the sprite outline.
    Now I want to use the same bitmap for a second smaller sprite like the following figure:
    However, if I can not set an offset of the bitmap within the sprite the result will be like the following figure:

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    You can't do it out of box. Maybe Polygon class will help you. check examples/demos/ TestPolygon

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