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  • I've been looking for an engine with few dependencies (ideally SDL2-only). I'm trying Oxygine but there are a couple points I would like to understand.

    1. What is the editor for? I might have missed something obvious but I'm not sure what parts/parts of development it will help with. I couldn't find anything in the wiki. Is it useful for game development?

    2. What would be the best way to get started on a top-down, scrolling game engine in Oxygine? I want to take advantage of the framework and anything it has that will make the process easier and quicker. Is there already a class that would be suitable for rendering tile-maps?


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    1. Editor is for UI/dialogs

    wiki - how to start:
    tile map - check examples/Demo/TILEMAP

  • @oxygine Cool. Thanks for the clarification. I'll check out the Tiled part of Demo.

  • I tried out the demo and it works but it doesn't seem to account for more recent versions of Tiled. At least, the test map I made wouldn't load because the format is quite different. It's easy enough to adapt but I thought that might be noteworthy.

    Also, the demo simply draws some tiles. It doesn't demonstrate traversing across a larger map (something that might take up several screens), nor ways to interact with the Tiled data (unless I missed that).

    It would be nice to get a little more depth to that demo. I assume collisions would be straight-forward. Does Oxygine have built-in features for cameras?

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