Troubles tweening

  • I've followed the tutorials and demo scripts, and successfully tweened objects.

    But in my own project tween doesn't work.

    i add a tween to A(sprite):
    A->addTween(Actor::TweenPosition(Vector2(100,100)), 100);

    I have also tried:
    A->addTween(Sprite::TweenPosition(Vector2(100,100)), 100);

    but it still didn't tween.

    A(Sprite) is a object included in a parent Actor.
    The tween is called via an event listener.

    do you have a URL link that has more details on how to use tween, or any advice on how tweens where/should be created.



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    it should work out of box without any magic
    Maybe you missed global update? Or overriden Update?

  • Thanks for responding,

    What do you mean global update/ overriden update?
    i'm new to game development, forgive me if i seem a little green.

    I actually working with the Game Part5 demo, i used it to get started.

    so just to confirm i can instantiate a tween from anywhere and it should work?

    Also the a dragsprite, and i want the Sprite to snap back to its position on touch up. if i set the position of the sprite it works fine, but if i want to tween the position it doesn't work.

    I'm at a bit of a loss, which is a shame.

    also, i've also used a on complete call back, which successfully called the function. just no tween.



    Put tweens in Scene object.

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